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Paraversume is a location based rpg style game for iOS. It is currently in open public beta. Later on it may be published for Android and Windows Phone also. The game is developed with the players and there is a strong community. Join in to play and chat with people around the world!

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Note that the Android beta version is very incomplete and does not include a tutorial!

Don't forget to attend the Paraversume Forums for feedback, inside info for the game and general chat!

The world is in turmoil. A new pure source of energy was found by accident. Unfortunately this also revealed parallel universes existing partially interwoven with our own. This changed our view of the world overnight. The power we had used and thought to be pure energy from the fluctuations of the vacuum was in fact energy escaping from these other universes.

The news united the world leaders to form the Paraversume Protection Agency to ensure the consistency of the paraversume, as the world was now called. Laura Norder as their president they tried to force people to play by their rules, but this caused only problems.

Two major clans emerged: the Anarchists and the Radicals, both opposing the world order. The Anarchists want the world to be free of rules and allow everyone to live any way they want to. The Radicals want to replace the PPA with their own ruling. These differences in their views have caused them to fight each other.

Both clans are recruiting more people to help them in their fight to power. You also can join the battle. You will be given the tools to harness the power of technology to conquer the world with your clan. You can tap into the energy conduits running throughout the planes of the paraversume and use this energy to fight the other clan as well as the PPA. As you gather experience you will be able to use the energy for many things.

Will you answer the call and help your clan to rule the world?

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