By Symbiatch on 12/4/2012 8:25 PM

Please like our Facebook page to get the newest things on Paraversume. Also remember to select notifications from the page since FB might not tell you all there is otherwise!

We'll be updating most stuff there, since at the moment it's much easier to handle. You can also send us questions and suggestions there.

We've also made sone nice spikey portal balls and notifications are coming in!

By Symbiatch on 9/24/2012 9:39 PM

Well, the hexagons at the top are back! :) I think we'll settle for this at the moment and consider other things for now. Not that we'd spent all our time on the UI anyway...

Also, the chat at the top has gotten a lot of comments. It is only a local chat, it's not meant for any real chatting or communications. Rather it's meant for quick "let's go north" type of things that are only shown for playes on your side that are in the area. So it shouldn't be a problem, unless there are some annoying people that want to abuse it. But there will be a mute option too.

By Symbiatch on 9/20/2012 9:17 PM

Thought I'd just show some more of the new UI we're designing. The buttons are not my 5-minute crap anymore and we also changed the top buttons a bit. Local chat has two lines now and shield/energy bars are better and also show numeric values. Comments?

By Symbiatch on 9/11/2012 6:57 AM
I've been doing some changes in the user interface and even if you probably don't know how it was before, I'll show how it's right now. Remember, the graphics are placeholders (especially the ones in the bottom!), so don't care about them. But you can naturally comment on what should be where and what it should look like.

These action buttons in the bottom should probably be context sensitive, so you can only use them on certain targets. Also there are no build buttons, this will be done separately since buildings aren't done as often as the other stuff. But we haven't yet decided where the build button will be.

I think five buttons of this size in the bottom is good, you can press them easily. Personally I find that, for example, PSC has too small buttons in some places and it's hard to hit them. What do you think? Could there still be a sixth button? Could they be a little less tall? I think they need an icon and a text but am I wrong?

By Symbiatch on 8/13/2012 8:14 PM
Note! This is just a preliminary information about the first stage. This will definitely not be everything the game contains :)

The actual game is played on a hexagonal map over the whole planet. There are energy nexuses around that have been built to make it possible to gather energy from the paraversume (shown in the picture right). There are also harvesters that are used to gather the energy for you (second from the left on the front). You can defend your territory with turrets (second from the right) and naturally you can build portals to allow fast traveling (on the left).

You control a drone that can travel in the paraversume. Only once has anyone succeeded in sending a living entity to another universe and even that happened by accident. There are also drones from the PPA jumping around and seeing that everything is nice and tidy.

So you better be nice, or really bad. The PPA doesn't joke...
By Symbiatch on 8/9/2012 6:45 PM

Just wanted you to know that I'm currently working on the mission system. So things are going on even though we haven't had that many updates yet. Maybe a screenshot once again?

Also the UI is being thinked over a bit. And million other things.

I'm thinking about writing a bit about how the game is to be played and what the point is so you can have a better understanding about it, when I have time. Hopefully soon!

So we're already failing the "keep people updated and not in the dark" part. Well, we can only go up from here and we try to do just that!

By Symbiatch on 7/10/2012 10:11 PM

Graphics are getting better, or what do you think about the new models? Note that the airborne things are not new models and are just placeholders :)

By Symbiatch on 6/28/2012 8:14 AM
I would like to say a huge thank you for all supporters out there! We've gotten some funding through IndieGoGo, but we're also extremely thankful for all the interest, sharing and caring from you!

We're making progress, though I'm quite annoyed by the fact that other things have caused us to move at a slower pace than I'd like to. We're currently in a nice position and will test the game logic further. We need to find the sweet spots for parameters so that the gaming experience is good. Naturally there will be fine tuning later on too, but it's better to have decent values from the start.

We also have to enhance the chat, determine how to divide the world in it. It's not nice to have thousands of people talking in one chat, but it's also not nice to sequester people just because they happen to live in another part of the world. It's a difficult choice to make how to do it. This is not that big a deal since we're going to have a gradual launch, but it still has to be thought out.

We're going...
By Symbiatch on 6/14/2012 6:08 AM
By Symbiatch on 6/4/2012 8:48 PM
As I promised, it's time for some more content and sneak peek to the alpha version of the game. Please do understand that the alpha peeks might not be anything that's in the beta let alone the final game (though I hate to say "final", it sounds like the game would some day be "done" and wouldn't evolve...). But it's just something to show to you so you'll see where were going at the moment.

Laura, Jesse and James... Three people torn apart by a common past and different views of the future. Greed and shame. Will there ever be a peace between them?

But I know what you're actually waiting is the in-game peek at the moment. So here it is!

I won't be explaining much of this at the moment but you're free to guess, comment or whatever. It might look kinda familiar to some of you, but looks aren't everything, you know......


More Stuff on Facebook
Even More UI
Some More UI
User Interface Changes
Game Info, Stuff and Things
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Some New Graphics
Huge Thank You and Progress Info
Submitted Without Comment
New Stuff, As Promised


Re: More Stuff on Facebook
Those portals look pretty awesome.
Re: More Stuff on Facebook
FB is easier.
Re: Even More UI
No idea. I haven't personally talked with the person that had the problems with GA and/or Apple, so I don't know anything about it. And naturally GA hasn't to my knowledge said anything about it either, not even denied it.

Copyright shouldn't hold for ideas, there may be something to design, but I'm not a lawyer. Nor am I that knowledgeable about international/US laws either. But I'd be quite surprised if they had anything to hold against similar games. That's not to say they won't try.
Re: Even More UI
I'm so excited. However, is there any concern that Grey Area may take legal action against this game though? I've heard a couple months ago another game similar to SC was released and taken down in one day because GA threatened a lawsuit. How exactly does their copyright work in relation to MMORPG?
Re: Even More UI
Man! This is just getting better and better every time I check back! I can't wait for this to release. I've been gone for a while since I've talked to any friends from SC or PSC anytime soon. RL is always in the way haha Ill be awaiting news to hear that this is up and running so I can talk to everyone again. Good luck Symbiatch!
Re: Even More UI
very excited when this comes out for testing. keep up the good work.
Re: Even More UI
Slow and steady. Minor glitches are one thing, app and server crashes another. As beta testers, we expect (at least I do) that we'll be regularly sending in crash/bug/glitch info, especially at launch.
Re: Even More UI
The back-end is also being worked on, not just the UI. It's just easier to show the UI than the back-end at the moment and the UI changes don't take much of my time (I just put the graphics into the package and that's that). Many things are already working and just need to be tweaked. I'm just trying to get as much as possible done before putting it out there. Maybe it could work even as it is and update it as we go, but since the roundtrips via Apple are so slow, that would mean a non-working game for a week or two if it really breaks or I have to change the net protocol etc.
Re: Even More UI
The buttons on the bottom are a good improvement! And yes the hexagonal ones on top make look way better then square. I have the same thoughts as Anvar as to how much of the program is worked out? (Only asking because I'm excited to beta test... Not trying to rush) with SC the chat really made the players into a community. I like the small box on top for quick messages to work signal your team mates. But for deeper tactical conversation a larger window would be better. I too feel it he chat may move to quick for that type of thing. Curious as to cross chat for communicating with an opposing team?
Re: Even More UI
Looking good! Now, we see you tweaking UI, but how is it coming back-end? Are the game mechanics worked out at this point, and you're doing fine tuning? Or, is there a lot more we're not seeing that needs work?